Customizer Place LTD was established in 2012. We are artisans who design, make and sell Custom product and Custom gifts for love.

About Us

Introducing Customizer Place, your ultimate destination for bespoke design and manufacturing. As a leading custom product company, we specialize in creating personalized apparel, exquisite home decor, and unique accessories that reflect your individuality and style.

Customizer Place, we understand that fashion is an extension of your personality. Our talented team of designers and artisans collaborates closely with you to bring your fashion dreams to life. Whether you’re looking for custom-made clothing, such as t-shirts, hoodies, or dresses, we ensure that every stitch, fabric choice, and embellishment is a true reflection of your taste and vision.

we take pride in creating products that ignite conversations, evoke emotions, and celebrate your unique identity. Whether you’re seeking a personalized wardrobe, a stylish and cozy home environment, or eye-catching accessories, our dedication to customization ensures that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.


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Production Design

We take pride in our expertise in designing custom products that are as unique as our clients' visions. Our design process is a collaborative journey that brings ideas to life and transforms concepts into tangible, personalized creations.


We take pride in our ability to transform custom product designs into tangible, high-quality products through our meticulous manufacturing process. Our manufacturing expertise enables us to bring the vision of our clients to life with precision and attention to detail.

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Marketing and selling

We understand that marketing and selling custom products require a tailored approach that highlights their unique value and resonates with target customers. Our marketing and sales strategies are designed to showcase the benefits of our custom products and connect with the right audience.


John Hossain

CEO & Founder




Customer Service


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